Global Express

 The Global Express offers everything an airliner does – range, comfort, and speed –- without the hassle. The cabin of the Global Express is designed to offer maximum comfort and amenities for the duration of long, transoceanic flights.  The cabin can be configured to hold between  thirteen and nineteen passengers in a space that is 6.3 feet high, 8.2 feet  wide, and 48.4 feet long.  The cabin can be divided into three areas for increased privacy in conferences.  Two fully-enclosed lavatories are located in the cabin, one of which can be equipped with a shower, if desired.  Extensive cabin insulation cuts down on noise, and improved engines produce less audible vibration.  There is a wide range of standard and optional cabin amenities, including a 17 channel SATCOM, fax machine, cabin entertainment system with VHS, DVD, and CD players, as well as individual video screens and a full-sized galley.